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As the founder of the KART Foundation, a child's literacy organization, I find Story Time For Me to be an excellent adaptation of traditional storytelling in the internet age.  As children read these quality storybooks, not only are they boosting their reading skills, but they are also learning socially responsible tools for life.  Being a researcher who specializes in early childhood education initiatives for the "whole child," I see Story Time For Me as an innovative holistic learning solution that could close the literacy achievement gap between schools, communities, and families.

Terica Lynn Swangin

Doctor of Naturopathy, Researcher, Author of Scribbles & Friends Series PediNatural (TLS KIDS BOOKS) & The KART Foundation
Maple Shade, New Jersey

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Books For Kids

Story Time For Me is a free reading program designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books.  We also offer free personalized books where the child actually becomes the star of the story book.

Our Interactive Children’s Books

Our unique technology balances entertainment with proven learning techniques to provide your child with hours of fun reading enjoyment.  Your child will be fascinated by the fantastic illustrations, and captivated by the animation, music, and sound effects that enhance the professionally read narration.  Our children’s books come to life!  Best of all, your child will be engaged and amused as he or she is learning to read.

The Story Time For Me kid’s stories offer compelling storytelling with inspiring and memorable characters that will stimulate any child’s imagination.  The original episodic kid’s books will foster a love of reading and improve your child’s cognitive development and reading skills.  The interactive language prompts will provide your child with his or her own personal reading coach.

Want More Free Books For Children?

Please help us grow our library of children’s stories.  Our goal is to attract a sponsor, which could be a large corporation or a philanthropic individual, who cares very much about children’s literacy.  The hope is that with the sponsor’s help, we can grow our library both in quantity and into multiple languages.  For us to achieve this goal, we need to reach 10,000’s of visitors a day.  We aren’t asking you for money, but if you are enjoying our lovable stories for children, we ask you to share our site with everyone you know.  Please try to email at least 30 people, post a recommendation on your Facebook and Twitter profile, and if you have a blog… write a post about us.  Thank you for your support!