The Fox

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Fern Gets a Pet

Fern is lonely and she wishes she had someone to share her life with her.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 5
Category: Life Experiences
Running Time: 02:45
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Fern Meets Some Pets

Fern introduces readers to some pets.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 6
Category: Animals
Running Time: 01:58
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Fern and her Friends Clean Up

Fern finds that a part of her beloved forest has been covered with garbage, and she and her friends decide to do something about it.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 11
Category: Environmental
Running Time: 02:07
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Fern Protects the Environment

See how Fern the fox protects the environment.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 12
Category: Environmental
Running Time: 01:51
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Fern’s Spring

Fern tells us about her spring activities.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 14
Category: Seasons
Running Time: 01:40
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Fern Goes to Africa

Fern goes to Africa and makes some new friends.

Ages: 1 to 4
Episode: 16
Category: Travel
Running Time: 01:52

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